Sales Planning Marketing Food &

Sales Planning Marketing Food &

 Definizione“Sales Planning”, è un processo attraverso il quale facciamo una proiezione o stima …Definition‘Sales Planning’ is a process through which we make a projection or estimation of the sales of goods or services that we expect to have in a certain period of time.  Sales Planning Analysis When we talk about Sales Planning, we are neither talking about business in general, nor about marketing in particular. We are referring to the sales; to the incomes we expect to have with the commercialization of our goods on the market. Sales planning determines the sales that are expected in a short, medium, or long period of time. For example, if this planning is annual, it will take into account the sales of the previous year. By analyzing market and economy conditions, as well as the client’s needs, we could plan an increase in sales in relation to the ones made the previous year. A realistic and well analyzed sales planning will make the company be able to know, not only its strengths and market opportunities, but also its problems and weaknesses. In this way the company will be able to make decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises.  Steps to achieve a proper Sales Planning 

  1. Getting to know properly the product or service we are offering

Its characteristics, features, failures… 

  1. Gaining insight into the market in which we are operating

This goes along with a good knowledge of our clients (real and potential), as well as how the competition works. 

  1. Fixing the sales objectives in a clear and precise way

The incomes that the company needs to continue being profitable, growth forecasts… 

  1. Determining which sales actions are going to be taken

At this point promotions, discounts and new ways of attracting new clients are analyzed, as well as how much this will cost to the company and the period of time we expect to see the results. 

  1. Analyzing in detail the sales force the company has

Salespersons and sellers that work for the company must be high-qualified, since the success or failure of the sales planning mostly depend on them. A positive attitude, an ability to reach the final customer and a deep knowledge of the product we are selling are essential to tu all the work done in success.


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