App per aumentare la fidelity nel settore retail

App per aumentare la fidelity nel settore retail

Il settore delle applicazioni mobile genera quasi la metà delle transazioni e circa il 47% di…According to the data collected in the report ‘State of Mobile Commerce’, by Criteo, a company specialized in performance marketing, the mobile applications’ sector generates almost half of the transactions and nearly a 47% of the retailers’ incomes.The apps can be considered as tools by e-commerce sector, and they are becoming one of the most important elements for the company’s revenues. This has allowed that they have become a priority when it comes to invest capital. The main reason is that the mobile applications get almost half of the operations of e-commerce, and therefore they have an important role when companies have to distance themselves from competition.

Conversion rate

The apps have a wider conversion rate than other channels, which lets users improve their experience and is ahead other old channels as the browser when making decisions. Moreover, users that come to these type of e-commerce platforms through applications are more loyal than the rest of users.In the retail sector, the users of each companies’ applications have a conversion rate three times bigger than those who use the browser on the mobile devices with which they purchase. This demonstrates that the companies’ worry of having a well-positioned application that is well accepted by daily users of this sector is a key factor for increasing the ROI.


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