Coca-Cola lancia la propria emoji su Twitter come arma di marketing

Coca-Cola lancia la propria emoji su Twitter come arma di marketing

Coca-Cola, come al solito, sarà il primo marchio a rilasciare un nuovo formato pubblicitario twitter, emoji …As usual, Coca-Cola will be the first brand in launching a new advertising format on Twitter – the sponsored Emojis. This well-known social network is in the beta phase with this type of emojis. It is a very visual service that will allow its users to see advertisements from another point of view without invading their space.I order to use this service for the first time, Twitter chose one of the most important events of the year in the cinema industry – the releasement of the new Star War film’s trailer. A saga that has always stood out for having one of the most innovative advertisement and marketing’s department of the world. Therefore, the social network decided that this company was the one that had to launch the new service.


The user only has to write the hashtag #ShareACoke so that the personalized emoji of Coca-Cola appears in the user’s Tweet. This emoji consists of two crystal bottles of Coca-Cola toasting and has been created by the soft-drinks brand and the Wieden and Kennedy agency to adapt to the current times. An era in which users are using more and more this type of little images in social networks to communicate with their surroundings.There are many brands that have decided to take advantage of emojis in the advertising campaigns that have been carried out in this social network. This is the reason why it has been consider the Coca-Cola’s movement as very smart one, as they decided to take the lead in this respect in this social network. Only time and studies will determine if this advertising strategy will have improved the brand image. The big advantage that Coca-Cola has in this sense, is that the online area is totally quantifiable, so it will not take a long time to see the results.


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