L’arte degli imballaggi

L’arte degli imballaggi

Il packaging è uno degli elementi più importanti quando si vuole dare un tocco distinto per un…Packaging is one of the most important elements when we want to make our new product stand out, or when we want to enhance the value of an already existing product with a drastic change that makes customers see it with different eyes.When a company needs to increase its ROI there is nothing better than investing in innovation and development so as to stand out in the competition and establish the company as a benchmark on the market. In this sense, creativity is one of the most adequate resources a company can use so as to make the difference in a more and more competitive market.Food brands are aware of the fact that the packaging of the products is one of the most important resources to give free rein to creativity and surprise their clients with resources never seen before. The key in this type of initiatives is to be displayed in supermarkets and catch the customer’s attention to the product so as to stand out in the competition.These are some of the main reasons why brands are investing more time and money for the creation and development of a more elaborated packaging, that will allow customers focus their attention on the selected products and set aside those from the competition. Find below a presentation of the most creative packaging of the market.Chandon-SummerChandon SummerSBXSBXHipo-HyfrydHipo HyfrydPure-Swiss-Alpine-CaviarPure Swiss Alpine CaviarBonnardBonnard


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